Patented System

Maripress is a self-stacking yarn carrier tube that offers the possibility to compress yarn from 0 up to 40% thanks to different penetration paths (from 20 mm. to 60 mm.)

Improving the dye quality reducing the costs, Maripress increases productivity up to 40%
compared to traditional yarn carriers.
The ribless surface (Maripress Unix type) can be adapted on any type of textile machinery,
including Open End spinning systems.

The inside structure with no compulsory orientation, allows the utmost freedom in the package nesting stage, making it ideal for all types of automated loading systems.
The Colombo version has a special reduction design for small dye spindles, while still providing larger take-up diameter packages, cylindrical like packages are obtained on machinery equipped to run traditional dye cones (4°20' - 5°57' and others) simply by adjusting the angle of carrier arm.

The result is a compact, even, cylindrical column formed in less time and at a lower costs.

Maripress can be manifactured in different plastic raw materials and weights.

The dyeing column may be completed with a cover cap, available in various heights and diameters.


improving dye quality while reducing the costs.

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  • Maripress:  Patented system to improve quality and productivity of the yarn dyeing process.

  • Save time and money: Maripress optimizes the dyeing process, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

  • Wide range: More that 250 different versions of Maripress to suit every requirement.