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Preparation and Spinning

Mariplast offers really innovative solutions, from the preparation of various types of yarn to spinning at high speeds. We offer high-tech solutions to ensure great benefits to our customers in terms of productivity and quality.


Yarn Dyeing

In recent years the Mariplast range has increased with highly innovative products (patented) targeted to the needs of yarn dyeing, the sector is developing strongly. The aim of the new systems is to combine the best result of yarn dyeing with maximum ease of use for the yarn support.
The latest generation of products are designed, engineered and tested in collaboration with users and manufacturers of high-level machines and are proving to be revolutionary, in terms of results and costs compared to traditional supports, earning the definition of advanced systems



Mariplast produces many models of non-perforated cones and cylinders for winding different types of yarn; from natural fiber to modern synthetic yarns.


Poy Tubes Pat-pend

Mariplast, thanks to its continuous search for innovation, has patented a new series of plastic tubes for POY with a special notch to replace the standard paper tubes.


Universal bobbin holders

A few years ago Mariplast acquired the historical brand Sampre, producer of the highest quality bobbin holders.Today Mariplast produces inside and distributes worldwide the wide range of bobbin holders Sampre.

News and Quality Policy

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