Flex-BRAVO is a one-time use dye tube designed for steaming and dyeing all types of yarn, particularly those prone to shrinkage like polyester and polyamide in continuous processes. It eliminates two winding steps: pre-steaming the yarn before package dyeing becomes unnecessary as Flex-BRAVO achieves the same effect during the dyeing process itself.

Additionally, the dyed package can proceed directly to the next stage, skipping the final backwinding step.The unique structure of Flex-BRAVO allows uniform radial shrinkage along the tube length, enabling yarn relaxation next to its walls. This, combined with optimal dye bath distribution, ensures consistent and even dyeing throughout the yarn package, inside, middle, and outside.

Flex-BRAVO also facilitates a successful "transfer-tail" operation. Beyond allowing radial shrinkage of up to 15%, Flex-BRAVO permits axial compression of around 5% achieved in two ways: by slightly compressing the tube column to match the length of the package columns with the length of the dye spindles. Directly during the dyeing process, especially on spindles with fixed or gravity locking systems, where Flex-BRAVO compensates axially during the column elongation phase.

Remarkably, the ends of the Flex-BRAVO tube remain unchanged after both radial and axial retraction. Compared to an axially compressible dye tube, Flex-BRAVO allows to increase package density by up to 30% while maintaining the same outer diameter of the package, thus boosting dyeing productivity.

our patented dye tube,
shrinks axially and radially for perfect yarn dyeing.

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  • Single-step steaming and dyeing: Flex-BRAVO eliminates pre-steaming and reduces winding steps, saving time and money.

  • Flexibility and adaptability: Suitable for all yarn types, with up to 15% radial shrinkage and 5% axial compression capacity.

  • Greige package density can be increased up to 30% compared to a compressible dye tube, while keeping the same package diameter.