Dye Springs

Patented Systems

Compressible one-time use tubes for dyeing with controlled axial compression system.

One-time use axial compression support for productivity and flexibility in the dyehouse.

Main features of our ARMOL dye tube:
- Dimensional stability in winding
- Controlled compressibility
- Even yarn package density
- Consistent dye liquid flow
- Complete unwinding of the dyed yarn

Available in many lengths (170 to 290 mm) and diameters.

Mariflex is a dye spring that guarantees productivity and flexibility in yarn package dyeing.

The controlled axial compression from 0 to 30%, allows maximum flexibility of use.
The light but solid structure ensures an even flow of the dye liquor and keeps the tube perfectly cylindrical even after compression and dyeing.

Mariflex maintains the uniform density of the package .

Available in many sizes: lengths from 170 to 290 mm, inner diameters base from 45 to 78 mm, inner tip diameters from 33 to 70 mm.

The dyeing column may be completed with a cover cap, available in various heights and diameters.

Mariplast is your
partner for dye springs.

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  • Complete dyeing solutions: Mariflex
    and Armol offer an extensive range of systems and products for dyeing yarn, capable of meeting all production needs.

  • Cutting-edge technology: we constantly invest in research and development of new dyeing technologies, to ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and sustainability in the process.

  • Reliable partner: Mariplast offers a reliable and personal assistance service, supporting customers in all phases of the dyeing process.